About Us

A blend of cultural Folk Magic practices, Indigenous Spirituality and Traditional Witchcraft; the unique flavour of Little Grey Witch.

Little Grey Witch is a small family-run business; we are a Mother-Son-Auntie team. From a rich and diverse mixed heritage we incorporate our West African and Cherokee ancestry with traditional English Witchcraft and Catholic ritualism to create a style of powerful Folk Magic unique to the Little Grey Witch brand. With everything from ready-made spells to herbs and roots to massage oils, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need in our store.

Witchcraft and Spirituality are at the very core of everything we do as a family. We strive to bring the craft into the open for people to see and enjoy in a gentle and friendly environment.

Our aim is to bring the practices of our Ancestors and modern spirituality and blend them together to create totally unique experiences for all our customers.

    Little Grey Witch
    Made by witches for you

The Team

Little Grey Witch

12th Generation Hereditary Witch well versed in spellcraft and ritual magic. Practitioner of Hoodoo, Rootwork and Vodou, Little Grey Witch offers bespoke Spell Casting and Divination services

Cherokee Apothecary

Qualified Herbalist and Green Witch, Cherokee Apothecary specialises in traditional Medicines and herbal blends passed down through our family from the Aniwodi Clan ancestors

Life Healer

Qualified in Herbalism, Magnet Therapy and Aromatherapy. our Life Healer specialises in healing, invoking the powers of angels and spirit animals in her workings