Aromatherapy Zen Kits for Relaxation, Sleep, Reiki and Holistic Wellbeing




Our Aromatherapy Zen Kits contain:
A Herbal Pillow
A Herbal Bath Bag
An Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler
An Aromatherapy Pulse Oil

Forest Bathing:
A Blend of fragrances reminiscent of a Forest in full bloom. Beautiful Earthy base notes with hints of fresh lemongrass.

Gentle Waters:
A Blend of fragrances that evoke feelings of being in the sea, drifting away from all life’s problems. A completely Unique smell and our personal favourite!

Lucid Dreams:
A gorgeous blend of fragrances that soothe you into a deep meditative sleep, allowing for easy lucid dreaming. With hints of Rose, Lavender and Eucalyptus, this spellbinding set makes a beautiful gift.


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