Balsamo Tranquilo for Peace and Tranquility


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Balsamo Tranquilo is literally liquid peace, it brings calmness and serenity to turbulent people or situations.

This oil can be added to your bath water to wash away stress and negative thoughts replacing them with a quiet stillness.

It can also be used as a conditioning oil, dressing Mojo Bags, Charms, Talismans or Photographs to infuse them with calming energies.

Favoured in Santería and Ifá by the Orisha Oya (Yansa) this oil can be used to prepare Ebbo for Her.

Simple Ebbo for Oya:
1. Cut an Aubergine into 9 pieces and arrange on a White plate.
2. Place 9 coloured candles amongst the Aubergine slice on the plate (or around the outside).
3. Dress the entire contents of the plate (Candles and Aubergine) with Balsamo Tranquilo.
4. State your reason for Ebbo (What are you asking for?)
5. Burn 1 candle a day for a complete 9 days.


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