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Our Blessed Cabochon Pendants are exactly what they say they are.
We create these pendants individually, based on the needs of our customers. Each one will have undergone a Blessing Ritual to activate its power before it reaches you.

We offer a huge variety of images for the pendants, each one corresponding to a different purpose.

  • The Divine Child –  For matters of Health and Guidance
  • The Infant of Atocha – To repel the Law
  • Our Lady of Fatima – For Protection from Evil and Removal of Bondage
  • Our Lady of Grace – For Peace and Love
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe – To increase your Luck and Success
  • Our Lady of Charity – To find Love, Success and Wealth
  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – For Fertility Concerns
  • Our Lady of Lourdes – To Heal Sickness
  • Our Lady of Mercy – For Justice
  • Our Lady of Regla – For the Protection of Children
  • Our Lady of Sorrows – For Healing Trauma or Heartbreak
  • Our Lady of Czestochowa – For Guarding against Trickery, Falsehoods and Dishonest Lovers
  • Saint Barbara – For Change and Transformation
  • Saint Joan of Arc – For Strength and Victory (Women only)
  • Saint Anthony of Padua – For Inspiration, Knowledge and Memory
  • Saint Christopher – For Protection and Safe Travel
  • Saint Expedite – For Fast Manifestations in dire times of need
  • Saint George – For Strength and Victory (Men only)
  • Saint John the Baptist – For Good Luck and Favour
  • Saint Peter – For Road Opening and Spiritual Communication

Alternatively the Blessed Cabochon Pendants can be used in devotion to the synchronised Lwa or Orisha corresponding to the Saint.

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Divine Child, Infant of Atocha, Lady of Fatima, Lady of Grace, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Charity, Immaculate Conception, Lady of Lourdes, Lady of Mercy, Lady of Regla, Lady of Sorrows, Czestochowa, St Barbara, Joan of Arc, St Anthony, St Christopher, St Expedite, St George, St John, St Peter


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