Blessing Beads for prayer, manifestation and meditiation




These gorgeous blessing beads are hand made and blessed during rituals upon the corresponding altars.

They can be employed as;
Meditative aids – Boosting focus and concentration using the gemstones as energy magnets.
Devotion and Prayer – Acting like Rosary or Prayer beads, recite your prayer as your fingers glide from bead to bead.
Manifestation – Use the energies of the gemstones to boost visualisation and manifestation abilities.
Talismans – Charm or spell the beads with magics for protection, money drawing, love drawing, health enhancing etc.

We offer a variety of styles including a bespoke option where we create your blessing beads based on your desires/needs.

St Peter/San Pedro: Crafted in honour of the Holy Apostle and First Pope of the Catholic Church. Made with Lapis Lazuli and Citrine beads and a key charm, these beads are especially useful for Fortune, Success and Road Opening.

The Peaceful Soul/La Alma Tranquilo: Put together with love and feelings of tranquility. Made with beautiful delicate Amethyst beads and a Hand of Fatima charm, these beads hold a great ability to heal from Traumas, Anxiety and Low-emotional States.

The Beautiful Dead/La Hermosa Muerta: In honour of those who no longer walk amongst the living and have instead taken their place in eternal paradise. Made with Skull beads, Obsidian, Nephrite and a hanging raven skull charm, these beads aid in Spiritwork, Ancestral Communication and Conjuration.

Lord Ganesha: Crafted in devotion of Lord Ganesha, Patron of the Arts and Remover of Obstacles in the Hindu faith. Made with Citrine and Carnelian beads with a silver Ganesha Idol, perfect for Drawing Material Wealth or Removing stagnant energies in your life.

Keeper at the Crossroads/Guardian en la Encrucijada: Made in the image of Elegba, Orisha of the crossroads and keeper of the borders between this realm and the next. Made with Obsidian, Carnelian, Lava Beads and a bound cross keys charm, these beads work great with any Road Opening, Blockbusting or Ancestral Communication.

The Blessed/La Bendecida: A classic and elegant looking set of blessing beads that can be used universally. Made with Obsidian, Nephrite, Lava beads and a hanging black tassel, these beads work great as a talisman for Clarity and Protection.

Banishment/Destierro: A longer set of blessing beads designed to destroy and banish evil and negative energies. Made with Glass Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye) beads and a Hand of Fatima charm, these beads drive away evil in all its forms

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St Peter, Peaceful Soul, Beautiful Dead, Lord Ganesha, Keeper of the Crossroads, The Blessed, Banishment, Bespoke


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