Blockbuster Bath Wash for obstacle removal


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The removal and destruction of all obstacles that block your path. Blockbuster magic is like a spiritual dynamite, blasting through everything.

Like Road Opening, Blockbusters allow your manifestations to flow through to you seamlessly, but where Road Openers open the door, Blockbuster blows the door off its hinges.

We recommend this for when you want or need a total change in circumstance whether in Love, Money, Career etc. Blockbuster effects every aspect of your life.

This bath wash is brewed in small batches, with herbs like lemongrass, master of the woods, cotton flower and a few other secret ingredients. Prayed over continuously with Psalm 23, 13 times, this magical formula packs one hell of a punch.

We advise using the 400ml bottle over 3 consecutive nights for the best results. Simply shake the bottle, add to your running bath water and recite Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd).
Or if you only have access to a showering facility, rinse the solution through your hair following the same process.


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