Chicken Foot Protection Charm for Powerful Warding and Protective Magic


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The Chicken Foot is a totem of powerful protection used to ward off Evil.

Our Chicken Foot Charms are from Organic Chickens, fully cleaned, dehydrated and dressed.

Chicken Feet are a staple in various magical practices across the globe.
They are often hung in the home, placed on an altar or carried discreetly on your person.

To activate the protective powers of this totem we recommend the following ritual:
Place the chicken foot before a black candle which has been anointed. (we recommend Goddess Protection Oil)
Place an image of Santa Muerte next to your set up.
Use the following prayer:
Holy Death, Mistress of Darkness, I come before you and employ your protection. My Lady, protect me and take care of me with your cloak from my enemies, their snares, their traps and vengeance. See through the Darkness, take care of me, my home and my family.In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen
Snuff the candle and thank Santa Muerte.


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