Circle Casting Kit for Protection and Spiritwork


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Everything you need for Circle Casting. Designed to aid in the creation of magical boundaries, therefore making your home or sacred space a fortress.

Included in this compact yet essential Circle Casting kit are;
Chalk for marking Sigils, Veves and Runes, this creates extremely powerful protection charms.
Sulphur for Destroying Negative Energies. Sulphur is mentioned in the Bible, where it is known as Brimstone.
Red Brick Dust for powerful Shielding and Warding. A Staple form of protection in most Folk Magic Traditions.
Witches Black Salt to repel Demonic or potentially harmful spirits, used by European Witches for centuries.
White Sea Salt for Purification and attraction of Positive Spirits. Favoured in all religious practices for its purifying properties.

For further reading on creating Sigils, this page is an excellent resource.


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