Coffin Nails


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Coffin Nails are a powerful and often difficult to obtain magical artifacts.

Commonly used in spells of Protection, Separation and Harm;

For Protection: Striking into the ground and creating a boundary of iron will create an impassable barrier which wards off evil entities, harmful magics and people who mean you harm.

Protective Talisman: 2 Nails bound in the shape of a cross and anointed with 4 Thieves Vinegar are powerful protective talisman which guards you and hides you from the eyes of your enemies.

For Separation: Write the names of the parties you wish to separate 9 times on a 2 pieces of paper (1 name x9 per paper). Wrap each paper around Coffin Nails and place into a jar with Sulphur/Asafoetida, Chili Pepper and Vinegar. Burn a Black Candle atop the jar.

For Harm: Repeat the above process substituting the jar contents with Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust and Broken Glass.


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