Conjure Incense – 4 Traditional Blends


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4 Traditional Incense blends used in various folk magic practises across America.

Each Pot contains 15ml of Hand Blended Incense for use with Charcoal disks and Incense Censers.

Saint Michael the Archangel- A potent Protection Incense that invokes the Fiery Sword to strike down all harm and negativity.

The Horned God- An Earthy Incense to honour the Spirits of the Forest, used for it’s Money and Luck drawing abilities.

Circle- A Purification Ritual Incense that cleanses and blesses a space, raising the vibrations for a feeling of calm and peace.

The Black Arts- An Incense with a powerful Spirit Working ability, favoured by practitioners for use during Hexing or Jinx Breaking Rituals.


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