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Cowrie shells are a very important materia among many magical paths in the African Diaspora.

Sacred to the Orisha and a favourite of the Ocean based and Fertility spirits such as La Siren, Mami Wata and Yemaya.

Cowrie shells have historically been used as currency, jewellery, talismans and divination tools, here are some of the most common uses for cowrie shells today;

Symbol of Fertility – Due to the resemblance the shell bares to a Vulva.

Symbol of Wealth – Due to its past use as a currency.

Offerings – Used as an offering to Deities and Spirits of the Ocean, Water, Fertility, Wealth and Abundance.

Divination – By casting the shells and reading them based on whether the dome or fold of the shell are face up. (Read into Dillogun and Obi)

This listing is for 8 shells.


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