Crystal Tumblestones


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Crystals are Nature’s works of art.
Since man discovered these precious and semi precious minerals they have been revered and adored.

In the craft, crystals are used as magnets, conduits and amplifiers of energies; used for expanding the conscious mind, drawing in power or amplifying magic.

We stock a wide variety of polished crystal tumblestones that can aid a practitioner of any path, reach a new plateau of magical mastery.

Agate A widely varied stone that comes in bands of various colours; used for creativity, communication, transformation and stability.
Amethyst Enhances spiritual abilities by tapping into and unlocking the Third Eye, amplifying intuition, creative thinking and psychic development.
Aventurine An earthy green stone of personal growth and prosperity with the ability to remove astral blockages. A great stone for Road Opening and Better Business spells.
Blue Tiger’s Eye For balance and insight, this stone aids in seeing that which is hidden; perfect for enticing the truth from dishonest people
Carnelian The fiery red stone of victory and empowerment; works well with works drawing on the power of Ares, Shango and Archangel Michael.
Citrine The world famous, amber coloured, money drawing stone, used as a magnet for material wealth and joy.
Fluorite A high vibrational stone of varying shades of green and purple; which cleanses, dispels and removes negative energies, making it perfect for healing and uncrossing.
Goldstone The stone of ambition, this crystal is infused with flecks of copper giving it a glittery appearance. This stone uplifts and aids in realising your goals.
Golden Tiger’s Eye The popular gold and brown banded stone that brings clarity by removing mind fog, allowing you to focus fully on the tasks at hand.
Hematite The mirror surfaced stone of healing; this powerful mineral aid in recovery and healing magics.
Howlite The white, marble like stone of knowledge and memory; great for meditative and esoteric practices.
Lapis Lazuli The rich blue stone with flashes of gold that was adored in ancient Egypt; a stone that vibrates with the energies of water – healing, purification, protection and peace.
Leopard Skin Rhyolite The psychedelic stone that reveals one’s true self; perfect for past life regression and ancestral contact.
Nephrite Commonly called Green Jade, this stone protects from misfortune and aids in lucid dreaming and dream magic.
Obsidian The jet black stone with powerful protective properties; this stone is a staple for any practitioner.
An iridescent and otherworldly looking stone that vibrates with angelic energies; perfect for Enochian magic.
Orange calcite The stone of renewal, this crystal works perfectly alongside magics that heal past traumas.
Peridot A dark green stone that vibrates with the energies of Earth – stability, growth, transformation and prosperity.
Quartz The classic clear crystal that works as a universal amplifier for any and all kinds of magical workings.
Red Jasper A deep rust coloured stone that helps to alleviate pains and worries related to pregnancy and childbirth.
Red Tiger’s Eye This stone is valued for its ability to enhance the body’s natural functions; motivation, thought, energy and sex drive.
Rose Quartz Arguably the most famous of all crystal famed for its correspondence with the powers of unconditional love.
Smokey Quartz This charred translucent stone acts as a filter, catching and removing low vibrational energies and aiding in stability during energetic shifts.
Snowy Quartz A feminine stone that creates an environment of balance, peace and tranquility.
Snowflake Obsidian The polka dotted stone that purges the mind and soul of impurities and unwanted thoughts.
Sodalite A blue and white stone with the ability to remove psychic blockages; perfect for Road Opening works
Sunstone A stone radiating with the energies of the sun – good fortune, joy, passion and happiness.

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Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Blue Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Citrine, Fluorite, Goldstone, Golden Tiger's Eye, Hematite, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Leopardskin Rhyolite, Nephrite, Obsidian, Opalite, Orange Calcite, Peridot, Quartz, Red Jasper, Red Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Snow Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Soadalite, Sunstone


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