Danbala Wedo Fixed Candle


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Danbala Wedo is the Great Green Serpent of the Earth.
He is the Grandfather of all Lwa and the husband of Ayida Wedo.

He is often represented by the image of a huge serpent with green coloured scales or Saint Patrick.

Danbala Wedo is an extremely powerful Lwa, and the root of all balance and life.
He is not to be bothered with trivial matters, however when truly in need those who call upon him will be blessed by his generosity in the form of either wealth, prosperity, faithful marriage, fertility or good health.

These candles have been washed, loaded and fixed with sacred herbs to honour Danbala Wedo.
They should be burnt on His day, Thursday.

Danbala should only be served in a clean environment, free of strong smells (especially tobacco smoke), we advise cleaning the area with a mixture of cool water, lemon, basil and mint.


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