Danbala Wedo Fixed Candle


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Danbala Wedo is the Grandfather of all Lwa, He is the source of all knowledge and wisdom.

His Veve is formed with 2 serpents. One serpent to represent Danbala Wedo and the other to represent his Wife, the Lwa of fertility, healing, and marriage Ayida Wedo. Together they form the divine union that brings vitality, wealth, riches, prosperity, healing, protection, love, fertility and marriage.

This candle has been washed, loaded and fixed to honour Danbala and Ayida and should be burnt on their day, Thursday. This candle is unscented, bearing only the smell of the herbs that it has been dressed with and incense should not be used when calling upon Danbala as he dislikes strong scents.

On the reverse of the candle is a traditional prayer, printed in both Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) and English.


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