Elemental Altar Kit




Bring forth the Elements of Witchcraft!
These boxed kits each correspond to the energies of the elements used in Witchcraft.
Perfect for dressing an altar or preparing a ritual honouring the 4 corners of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Each box comes with:
A Hydrosol/Floral Water – A fragranced and blessed water charged with the energies of the elements.
A Chime Candle – Colour corresponding to the chosen element of the kit.
A Wooden Sigil – Pyrographed onto a Willow wood disk to act as a totem for the element.
An Anointing Oil – Hand blended in a rollerball applicator for use on the body or on your magical tools.
A Crystal – A polished tumblestone that radiates energy and power.
An Incense Blend – Hand selected and blended dried botanical for burning during rituals and spellcraft.
A Decorative Spoon – For decanting and mixing your magical concoctions.

These make great little bumper packs for those new to altar building or even as a gift for the witch in your life (even if that’s yourself!)

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Water, Fire, Earth, Air


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