Essential Root Starter Kit


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Dried Roots are a common find in any Witch or Herbalist’s cabinet.

They can be used in spells, herbal remedies, incenses, bath blends, teas or even as offerings to your deities!

Included in this box are:
Astragalus Astraglaus Propinquus – The Root of Strength. Keeping a small sachet of Astragalus root under your pillow as you sleep is said to ward off night terrors and ensure a longer, healthier life. As a medicine it has long been used internally as a treatment for respiratory ailments such as the common cold.
Dandelion Taraxacum Officinalis – The Lion’s Root. These roots are often offered to deities relating to death and cemetaries to allow the spirit of a loved one to pass safely to the other side. As a herbal treatment they can be made into a tonic that detoxes the liver and kidneys.
Marsh Mallow Althaea Officinalis – The Root of Foresight. Burning this root alongside Copal and Myrrh invites benevolent spirits into your space to aid you in spell casting. When crushed and brewed into a tea it helps to ease irritated stomachs and tight chests.
Cichorium Intybus – The Root of Favour. Burn this root or crush into a powder and sprinkle in your home to attract favourable outcomes or success in business. A powerful antioxidant and natural sedative often mixed with coffee.
Angelica Archangelica Officinalis – The Root of the Angels. As the name suggests this root is used to invoke powerful angelic energies of protection and strength. Drinking a small cup of Angelica tea will ease the pain of heartburn and acid reflux.
Gentian Gentiana Lutea – The Bitter Root. Use this root in a bath to wash yourself of bitterness and negativity or as a tea to balance and soothe the digestive system.
Hydrangea Hydrangea Arborescens – The Dream Root. Burning this root as an incense before meditation or sleep is said to induce a trance like state wherein you will receive hidden knowledge or premonitions.

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