Ezili Freda Fixed Candle


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Metres Manbo Ezili Freda Dahomey- more commonly called to as Ezili Freda, is the beloved Lwa who embodies perfection, beauty, luxury, wealth and one of the Patron Lwa of the Little Grey Witch Family.

She is often represented by images of the Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrows) or more specifically “Mater Dolorosa in Monte Calvario venerata”.

Ezili Freda is an extremely powerful spirit;
•As the mistress of luxury and wealth, she may bless those in her favour with untold riches, gifts and success.
•As the lady of love and beauty she can command the hearts of anyone she desires.
•As a Manbo (Vodou High Priestess) she has the ability to heal, cleanse, bless and create magic wherever she appears.

Ezili Freda is so powerful in her pure divinity that  if she is called to a place that dark magic is being worked, it will instantly spoil and be destroyed.

These candles have been washed, loaded and fixed with sacred herbs to honour Ezili Freda.
They should be burnt on Her days, Tuesday and Thursday.


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