Soy Blend Wax Figure Candles




These figure candles are molded into the image of a man and woman and are powerful magical tools.

Availability in a variety of colours dependant on your desired outcome and effect. For reference we have listed the colours below:
Black – For Hexing exclusively. (Try with either Dark Mother or Tower of Destruction Oils)
Red – To incite Lust, Passion and Desire. (Perfect with Leave Her, Choose Me Oil)
Pink – For Love, Friendship and Sweetening (Try this with Aphrodite Allure Oil)
Purple – For Spirit Work, used to conjure a specific spirit -not for beginners- (Try this with Road Opener Oil)
White – For Healing, Protection and Purification (Use this with Elixir of Life Oil)

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Black, Red, Pink, Purple, White


Male, Female


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