Four Thieves Vinegar for Protection, Banishing, Cleansing and Souring


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4 Thieves Vinegar, also known as the Vinegar of Marseilles has a variety of uses in traditional Witchcraft and Rootwork.

These dropper bottles contain traditionally brewed 4 Thieves Vinegar made by us using a generations old recipe passed down through our family.

Some ways of using 4 Thieves are;

Anoint yourself or someone else after they have had a nightmare or for protection.

Add to the water you’re going to use to wash, to remove curses and crossed conditions or for protection.

Add a few drops in the water you use to clean your floors and/or doorways to clean them from negative energy and/or to protect your home from hostile energies, spirits, and people.

For banishing, by sprinkling it across the target’s doorway or where you know they will walk.

In a Jar Spell to sour relationships between specific individuals.


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