Freya Devotional Candle


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Freya, the Maiden of Golden Tears. Goddess of Beauty, Love and Lust.

This candle honours Freya and beseeches for her favour. Call on her for aid in affairs of the heart, issues with self esteem and marital quarrels.

Dressed with Alder Cones, Red Jasper, Damask Rose and a mixture of essential oils that honour the Beauty of the Vanir.

The Chant of Freya
Freya, Freya, Vanadis, Vanadis, Mardoll, Valfreya, Seidhkona.
(Fray-ah, Fray-ah, Vahn-ah-dees, Vahn-ah-dees, Mahr-dawl, Vahl-fray-ah, Sayth-kaw-nah.)
Freya, Freya, Vanir-goddess, Vanir-goddess, Light-on-water, Victory-Freya, Sorceress.


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