Goddess Protection Conjure Oil


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Goddess Protection; the shield of white light that surrounds the righteous.

This oil protects from all forms of spiritual and astral harm, preventing aural disruption, hexes, jinxing and crossings.

Made with High Quality essential oils and organic botanicals like Orange Blossom and Lavender.

Little Grey Witch Conjure Oils are powerful magical formulas with a huge range of uses.
Here’s a few we recommend:
Anointing – Use these oils on sacred tools, talismans, amulets or on the body to charge and imbue a powerful energy.
Spiritual Bathing – Use a few drops in the bath to create a spiritual wash to draw or remove specific energies.
Candle Magic – Use to dress candles for powerful conjuring/rituals.
Create – Blend 2 or more oils to create a unique balance of energies.


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