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The Sacred Heart of the Immaculate Virgin is a Marian apparition of the Holy Mother clutching her sorrowful heart.

In Vodou, her image may be used to represent Grann Ezili, a Rada Lwa and Grandmother of Metres Ezili Freda; and similar to her granddaughter, she embodies perfection, beauty, luxury and wealth though in a more mature and subdued way.

A song for Grann Ezili says:
“Grann-o! M’a wele Grann-o!
Grann Ezili w’a lonje men ba zanfan la yo”
meaning- Grann-O! I’m calling Grann!
Grann Ezili, you stretch your hands out to the children.
In this instance the “children” are the people who offer her service and the song refers to her powerful intercession and assistance.

These statues are handmade with a blend of stonecast gypsum plaster, arrowroot, powdered hyssop and powdered agrimony. Due to the nature of the ingredients some statues may have small unique “defects”.
They are hand painted using premium high pigment acrylics and finished with a matt varnish sealant.

Height: 11cm


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