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Our Herbal ointments are specially blended under NIMH guidelines for topical use.

Our Ointments are delicate blends of botanical extracts and essential oils, for targeted herbal treatment.
We use old recipes created by hedgewitches and medicine folk worldwide.

These ointments are available in:

Dandelion and Tea Tree is for skin blemishes and breakouts, so it’s great for problematic teenage skin.

Calendula and Rose is for scratches and broken skin, therefore excellent for use on fresh tattoos.

Turmeric and Oregano is the Super Healing Salve. Great for almost any skin affliction from insect bites to grazes to bruising.

Cayenne and Eucalyptus is a warming pain relief for aches, sprains, cuts and tension.

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Dandelion & Tea Tree, Calendula & Rose, Oregano & Turmeric, Cayenne & Eucalyptus


30ml, 60ml


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