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Herbal Smudge Stick




These aromatic herbal smudge sticks are hand bound and made lovingly by herbs grown organically in our own garden or local area.

We offer 3 different yet equally beautiful options of Rosemary, Thyme and Juniper.

Rosemary has a great effect on mood and emotion and so smudging with it creates a positively charged atmosphere free of negativity and vampiric emotion.

Thyme is the Earth’s natural fumigator, the smoke cleanses the air of harmful bacteria and gently wards away unwanted bugs/insects, creating a healthy healing environment.

Juniper is also known as Devil’s Bane, due to the story ‘The Compassionate Shoemaker’ in which the Devil is slain using a staff made from Juniper wood. Smudging with Juniper removes trickster spirits and creates a veil of invisibility that prevents the spirit world from seeing you.

We do NOT offer Sage as an option, the huge global demand for White Sage has had a very negative impact on the sustainability of the plant. To combat this we at Little Grey Witch decline to offer any Sage smudge sticks (including Clary Sage, Garden Sage and White Sage) to help combat the excessive use and destruction of a beautiful plant.

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Rosemary, Thyme, Juniper


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