Hexing Ritual



Hexing is the act of cursing a target with ruin and misfortune, a dark magical practice.

Hexing is a heavy magic, in which we hand the outcome over to spirit to decide its severity. This spell should only be used as a last resort once all mundane efforts have been exhausted. We at Little Grey Witch do not advocate violence or harm for anyone however as spiritual practitioners of magic we do not shy away from directing spirit to dish out retributions for slights and sins.

This ritual will be conducted on the Saturday after your purchase; We conduct this ritual by calling upon the Petro Lwa (Vodou Deity) Met Kalfou, the Spirit of Bad Luck, Misfortune and Destruction.

These rituals do not have a guaranteed time frame, manifestations following the ritual depend on you, it is required of you to create the ideal environment for the magic to work (Example: if the spell was cast to sweeten your lover and you are intentionally hostile towards them, the spell cannot manifest due to the unstable environment)

PLEASE NOTE: you are not buying a physical product, following the ritual we will email you photographs of the work along with our reading (we take note of the energies and spiritual communication during the ritual which helps to determine how the spell will manifest and what, if any, further action is required from you) This particular ritual IS NOT for the faint of heart, images will show a lambs heart pierced with  knife and also cut in half so please let us know if you wish to have these images omitted.

For people who are not so advanced in their craft but still wish to change their lives the Little Grey Witch Rituals are a perfect opportunity to get the spells that you want cast, and get them cast correctly for maximum effect. Upon purchase you will need to supply us with your petition (desired outcome) ideally in the form of:


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