High John Essence Oil for Luck, Money and Power


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High John the Conqueror is a tough and very popular root, famed amongst the Hoodoo and Rootworker community.

In magical and spiritual practice High John has powerful influence over many energies- Blockbusting, Money, Luck and Strength. As well as the ability to enhance self esteem, personal power

A few of our favorite ways to use this oil are;

Boost your self esteem- Apply 3 drops to the base of each foot to keep you grounded and give your confidence a huge boost.

Blockbuster bath- Add 9 drops to your bath to aid in destroying any obstacles blocking your manifestations.

Power boost- Mix with any other Essence or Conjure oil to supercharge its power and results.

Our essence oils are created by submerging and macerating organic plant matter in cold pressed Sunflower seed oil for 8 weeks. We pray agitate and pray over these oils daily until they are ready to decant. Because of the time needed to create the essences we can only keep a limited amount of product in stock (restock can only pccur every 8 weeks)


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