Hyssop Essence Oil for Purification and Protection


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Hyssop is a flowering medicinal herb, immortalised in The Bible as a powerful spiritual cleanser.

In magical and spiritual practice Hyssop has powerful influence over the energies of Purification.
Also corresponding to energies of Protection and is popular for its ability to remove hexes and negative energies.

A few of our favorite ways to use this oil are;

Purifying Bath- add 13 drops to running bath water and read Psalm 51 over  it.

Protection from enemies- apply a drop to the forehead in the shape of the cross whilst reading Psalm 23.

Added Protection and Purification- add 13 drops to any floor/bath wash to add protection and purification to its effect.

Our essence oils are created by submerging and macerating organic plant matter in cold pressed Sunflower seed oil for 8 weeks. We agitate and pray over these oils daily until they are ready to decant. Because of the time needed to create the essences we can only keep a limited amount of product in stock (restock can only occur every 8 weeks)


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