Jasmine Essence Oil for Love, Beauty and Money


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Jasmine is a beautiful, delicate flower, internationally loved and renowned.

In magical and spiritual practice Jasmine has powerful influence over the energies of Love.
Also corresponding to energies of Beauty, Money and Psychic Development.

A few of our favorite ways to use this oil are;

Promoting beautiful hair and skin- Apply a very liberal amount to clean hair or skin, whilst doing so speak your intent out loud eg: “I will have long, flowing hair” etc.

Attraction bath- Add 9 drops to your bath prior to a date or hookup to make you irresistable to your partner.

Money drawing- Use a few drops to anoint your purse/wallet, bank card and/or money to attract a healthy cash flow to you.

Prophetic dreams- Apply a drop to each side of the head (temples) just before bed to induce lucid and prophetic dreams.

Our essence oils are created by submerging and macerating organic plant matter in cold pressed Sunflower seed oil for 8 weeks. We pray agitate and pray over these oils daily until they are ready to decant. Because of the time needed to create the essences we can only keep a limited amount of product in stock (restock can only pccur every 8 weeks)


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