Kiss of Aphrodite Conjure Candle for Love, Sex and Romance


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The Kiss of Aphrodite, the most seductive siren song.
Calling on the Goddess of Venus and the powers of Love, Beauty and Sexuality. Excellent for Love and Sex Magic

Our Conjure Candles are dressed candles charged with powerful magics.
Adorned with Incenses, botanicals, crystals and oils to draw upon the highest energies and increase the power and performance of a spell.

We recommend using this with Aphrodite Allure Oil.

Prayer to Aphrodite – by Apollonius Sophistes
Oh Muse! With visions Thou hast filled my soul,
With visions overpowering, for Thou
Hast shown me Golden Aphrodite; now
The blaze emboldens me; like coal
To brighter burning fanned by Breath Divine,
The Cyprian enflameth me with words,
Seductive sounds, which swiftly would entwine
My soul, as lime-twigs trap unwary birds.


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