Knot Magic Spell Kit for Binding


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Knot Magic, the act of knotting a cord whilst focusing your intention. This has been a common magical practice across the globe for many centuries.

This kit includes a 9 inch cord, a spelled tealight candle, a bottle of spell powder and a copy of the Knotting rhyme used in England for generations.

How Knot Magic Works (As worded on The Witchipedia)
In many cases, the knot serves as a sort of container for magic. When untied, the magic is released. While tied, it may serve as an amulet, containing the magic in its immediate vicinity as well as within itself. Or the person in possession of the knot may benefit from its residual energy. When it is untied or cut, the magic is either lost or released into the Universe to do its thing.

Since a knot can be untied, the spell can therefore be given an “off” switch by its creator. Simply untie the knot and the spell is broken. This must be specified upon its creation.



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Money, Binding, Domination


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