Legba Nan Petro Statue


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Legba nan Petro; the Legba that opens the gates for the hotter Lwa of the Petro nanchon.

He, like his Rada counterpart, is the cardinal point at the center of the crossroads; the voice and gatekeeper of Ginen.
Unlike the Rada Legba, who walks the point of Mercury, Legba Nan Petro walks the point of Mars- making him more impulsive, fiery and creative.

He is the Master of Language and source of all communication and connection between this world and the spirit world.

Legba Nan Petro is an extremely powerful spirit;
•As the cardinal point of the crossroads he can allow (or deny) spiritual contact, connection and communication.
•As the master of the gate he can stop and remove all obstacles from our paths.
•As the keeper of the keys he can open (or close) doors to new opportunities and possibilities.
•As the fiery point of Mars he can deliver swift, explosive and revolutionary results.

These statues are handmade with a blend of stonecast gypsum plaster, arrowroot, powdered hyssop and powdered agrimony. Due to the nature of the ingredients some statues may have small unique “defects”.
They are hand painted using premium high pigment acrylics and finished with a matt varnish sealant.

Height: 14.5 cm


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