Luxurious Vegan Bath Milk for Ritual Bathing and Spiritual Cleansing

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Our New Vegan Bath Milk is based on Egyptian spiritual cleansing bath routine.

A bath of luxury leaving the skin softer than ever and cleansing the mind, body and spirit of stress and negative energies.

Nefertiti-Beloved of Mut:
Blue Lavender Flowers and Damask Rose Petals with Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Blue Lavender Flowers and Heather Flowers with Lavender Essential Oil.

Hathor-Lady of heaven, earth and the underworld:
Damask Rose Buds and Calendula Flowers with Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Isis-Goddess of magic and wisdom:
Heather, Jasmine and Damask Rose Flowers with Violet Essential Oil.

Bast-Goddess of protection and cats:
Safflower and Hibiscus flowers with Pine Essential Oil.

Ma’at-Truth,rights and justice:
Chamomile and Life Everlasting flowers with Hyssop Essential Oil.

Nephthys-Goddess of the dead:
Jasmine and Blue Mallow flowers with Frankincense Essential Oil.

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Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Hathor, Isis, Bast, Ma'at, Nephthys

1 review for Luxurious Vegan Bath Milk for Ritual Bathing and Spiritual Cleansing

  1. Georgia Bemrose

    These packets are filled with luxurious bath milk powder, lovely herbs and it’s all natural which is great for my sensitive skin as I get spots but it doesn’t effect them.
    After using this a bath doesn’t feel right without it, I also light a conjure candle for what I feel at the moment.

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