Mambo Klèmezin Klèmèy Statue


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Mambo Klèmezin Klèmèy is the beautiful Rada Lwa who walks with the Eskòt of Metrès Mambo Erzulie Freda, alongside Mambo Lovana and Mambo Severinn.

Mambo Klèmezin sweeps away uncleanliness of all kinds leaving a place or person pure and clean- this is one of the main reasons she is offered sevis; to cleanse and purify the home, pèristyl or person.

The Eskòt of Metrès Freda (or Metrès Klemezin in the North of Haiti) are considered the fairest and most beautiful of all Lwa and often walk with Damballa Wedo, La Sirenn and Mèt Agwe Tawoyo.

These statues are handmade with a blend of stonecast gypsum plaster, arrowroot, powdered hyssop and powdered agrimony. Due to the nature of the ingredients some statues may have small unique “defects”.
They are hand painted using premium high pigment acrylics and finished with a matt varnish sealant.

Height: 13cm


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