Millionaire Honey for Wealth and Success


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Like Honey sticks to all it touches so shall Money stick to you.

With shredded Money, Pimento, Grains of Paradise and a secret symphony of other money drawing botanicals.

This 30ml jar of spelled honey is not for human consumption and can be used in various ways

Our favourite ways to use are:
♡Candle Ritual:
Step 1: Write a petition to focus your intentions.
Step 2: Anoint yourself and the candle with an appropriate oil.
Step 3: Massage the Spelled Honey onto the candle.
Step 4: Light the candle on top of your petition

♡Bathing Ritual:
Step 1: Add an appropriate oil, wash or bath salt to your bath.
Step 2: Speak a prayer of intention over the running water.
Step 3: Apply the Spelled Honey to your body before soaking in the water.
(FOR SHOWERS: Skip step 1 and continue with steps 2&3)



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