Morrigan Devotional Candle


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Morrigan, Dark Goddess of Victory and Fate.

This candle honours Morrigan and beseeches for her favour. Call on Her for help with difficult tasks where the odds are stacked against you. She also aids in the passage of life into death. Her Control of Fate can aid you in all aspects of your life.

Dressed with a Silver Ravens Skull, Juniper, Obsidian and a multitude of oils sacred to the Dark Lady of Fate.

Prayer to Morrigan
Morrigan, battle Queen,
Give me the gift of relentlessness
That I might turn and turn and return
Let my will be like
An eel, a wolf, a hornless heifer,
An old woman seeking blessing
To turn my enemies’ blows to healing
May I be strong in serving my purpose
Sharp as a blade’s edge
Wise as the crow who sees
The entire battlefield from above
Bless me, Queen of Phantoms,
With all these qualities
In your name and in your service


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