Odin devotional candle


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Odin, The Allfather, God of Humanity, Wisdom and Foresight, King of the Aesir.

This candle honours Odin and beseeches for his favour. Call on him for aid in knowing which path to take, expanding your consciousness and overcoming adversity.

Dressed with an Pine Needles, Agate, Smokey Quartz and a symphony of oils chosen to honour the Mighty Allfather.

Hail Odin by Michaela Macha
Hail Odin, the master
of wisdom untold:
No thought flying faster,
no memory as old.

Hail Odin, the keeper
of poetry’s brew:
No ecstasy deeper,
no frenzy more true.

Hail Odin, the Changing
of face and of name,
through all the worlds ranging,
yet ever the same.

Hail Odin, the breaker
of sword and of heart,
Hail Odin, the maker
of mankind and art.


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