Orisha Ebbo Candles




Ritually dressed Ebbo (sacrifice/offering) candles dedicated to the Orisha (Orisa).

Each candle can be used alone or in conjunction with other candles/ritual work for greater effect.

Eshu/Eleggua: (Black Candle) The intermediary at the crossroad of the physical and spiritual realms, petitioned to remove obstacles from your path and open the door to new opportunities.

Ogun: (Green Candle) The warrior chief and spirit of Civilisation, War, Blood and Iron. Often petitioned to aid in matters of employment and progression.

Shango: (Red Candle) The warrior of Vengeance and Justice, lord of Passion, Fire and Thunder. He grants his petitioners the strength to dominate and succeed in all affairs.

Obatala: (White Candle) The King of the Sky who rules over the cosmic balance between masculine and feminine energies. Petitioned when matters of the Mind and Intellect are crucial.

Oya: (Purple Candle) The guardian of the Cemetary Gates, she carries the Sword of Truth and commands the power of the winds, lightning and fertility. When petitioned she will cut through stagnation with Transformation, Change and Growth.

Yemaya/Yemoja: (Blue Candle) The Mother of the Seven Seas and Protector of women and children. She governs over Creativity, Childbirth and Healing. She offers Care and Protection to her petitioners.

Oshun: (Gold Candle) The Guardian of Sweet Waters and ruler of Love, Intimacy, Beauty, Art, Wealth and Abundance. Known to bless her petitioners with her gifts and eliminate impurities.

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Eleggua, Ogun, Shango, Obatala, Oya, Yemaya, Oshun


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