Oshun Fixed Candle for beauty, prosperity and abundance




This 7 day Fixed Candle is made to honour the Spirit of Beauty, the Orisha Oshun and all her gifts.

Used to ask for Beauty, Love, Prosperity and Abundance.

This is a strong and fast working magic, best when dressed with Solar Oil.

Oshun – as cited by Encyclopedia Britannica
Generally depicted as the protector, saviour, or nurturer of humanity. She has also been described as the maintainer of spiritual balance or mother of sweet things. One myth highlights Oshun as the central figure in the creation of human beings. The Yoruba people believe that the orisha were sent by Olodumare, who is considered the Supreme God, to populate the Earth. Oshun, being one of the original 17 sent to Earth, was the only female deity. The other gods, all male, failed at their attempts to revive and populate the Earth. When they realized they were unable to complete the task given to them by Olodumare, they tried to persuade Oshun to help them. She agreed and brought forth her sweet and powerful waters, bringing life back to Earth and humanity and other species into existence.

Fixed Candles MUST BE dressed prior to use to activate it, we offer a dressing service for an additional £3 per candle.

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