Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue


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Our Lady of Guadalupe is an apparition of Mary, the Holy Virgin and the Patron Saint of Mexico and the Americas.

Prayed to for powerful protection from absolute destruction; a story of her power demonstrated on November 14th 1921 tells how a bomb, hidden in a basket of flowers underneath the Altar in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, exploded- the incredible blast destroyed the surrounding area, bending solid brass Crucifixes and yet the robe bearing the Lady of Guadalupe’s image was completely unharmed.

In Santeria she is symbolic of Oshun Olodi, the revolutionary and powerful Orisha, wife of Orunmila.

These statues are handmade with a blend of stonecast gypsum plaster, arrowroot, powdered hyssop and powdered agrimony. Due to the nature of the ingredients some statues may have small unique “defects”.
They are hand painted using premium high pigment acrylics and finished with a matt varnish sealant.

Height: 11.5cm


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