Oya Fixed Candle for Transformation, Change and Magic




This 7 day Fixed Candle is made to honour the Spirit of Storms and Magic, the Orisha Oya.

Used to ask for the Great Winds of Change to come and Transform your life.

This is a strong and fast working magic, best when dressed with Blue Moon Oil.

Oya Yansa – as cited by The Santeria Church
Oya is a fierce and powerful female warrior Orisha. She is the owner of the marketplace, and keeps the gates of the cemetery. She is the force of change in nature and in life. She wields lightning and rides the winds into battle, often fighting with her machetes side-by-side with her lover, Shango. She raises the armies of the dead as her soldiers and is said to use the tornado as her weapon. Oya and her powers are fierce, tumultuous, changing and protective.

Fixed Candles MUST BE dressed prior to use to activate it, we offer a dressing service for an additional £3 per candle.

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