Papa Legba Fixed Candle


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Papa Legba is the Psychopomp Lwa of the Crossroads, Master of Language and Communication. He is the source of all communication and connection between this world and the spirit world.

His Veve is formed of the Crossroads, Tobacco leaves and a Cane. This shows his position, how he waits at the center of the crossroads to facilitate communication and understanding. Papa Legba, when called upon, will grant (or deny) permission to speak with the spirit world, because of this, all invocation work in Vodou begins with calling to Papa Legba.

This candle has been loaded and fixed to honour Papa Legba and can be burnt on any day. This candle is scented with the deep earthy fragrance of Coffee and Tobacco.

On the reverse of the candle is a traditional prayer, printed in both Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) and English.


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