Voodoo Doll Kit for Cursing, Love, Health, Protection and Success




Poppets (or Voodoo Doll) have been used in witchcraft for centuries, gaining a bad rep from fiction and media, they can be used for spells of good health to dangerous hexes.

Our poppet kits come ready made with everything you need for a variety of spells including;

The Poppet
The Filling
The Herbal Mix
The Spell Instructions
A Chime Candle

These are powerful magical tools and although we offer a “Hex” option, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any spells cast.

For further reading on Poppet/Voodoo Doll magic please read this book by one of our most recommended Authors; Denise Alvarado.

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Hex, Love, Protection, Success, Healing


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