Poseidon Devotional Candle


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Poseidon, The Mighty King of the Oceans. God of Storms, Earthquakes and the Sea.

This candle honours Poseidon and beseeches for his favour. Call on him for aid in overcoming adversity, drawing immense strength and striking down your enemies.

Dressed with Celery Seeds, Fluorite, Scallop shells, Mollusc Shells and a symphony of oils chosen to honour the King of Earth’s Waters.

Prayer to Poseidon
Dark-haired Poseidon, to you the waters of the world obey
those briny depths that brought us all into life;
Poseidon, maker and master of horses, trident-bearer,
earth-shaker, lord of the beasts of the deep,
lord of the thrashing waves, sea-god,
show those who do your creatures harm no mercy.


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