Railroad Spikes for Protection and Warding


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Railroad Spikes; legendary amongst Hoodoo practitioners for their protective properties.

Often used to protect the home from forces of nature, evil intentions and debt collectors.
The process of “activating” the spikes is fairly simple, but requires care and consideration.
Step 1 – Place the spikes outside on concrete or in a heat proof container.
Step 2 – Pour Florida Water on them reciting any words or prayers of your choosing.
Step 3 – Set the spikes on fire and allow the flames to burn out.
Step 4 – Once cooled, anoint the spikes with Oil (Olive Oil or any appropriate Conjure Oil)
The spikes have now been activated and will begin to work.

Railroad Spikes can also be used to honour Ogun, The Orisha of Metalwork; place 3 inside an iron cauldron and place on your altar dedicated to Ogun.


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