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Our spell candles are crafted under very specific ritual conditions; they are dressed with unique combinations of herbs, roots and flowers and are based off recipes that have brought us years of magical success with our clients.

They are very powerful and very simple to use, as we have spelled them, all you need to do is light them and direct the energies where you need them.

The Candles come in 5 different options;

Wealth – Green – For Luck, Prosperity and Money Magick. (Works well with our Money Drawing Oil)

Love – Pink – For Romance, Love, Lust and Sex Magick. (Works well with our Aphrodite Allure Oil)

Divinity – Purple – For Spirit work of all kinds, including Astral Projection, Divination, Conjuring and Communication. (Works well with our Road Opener Oil)

Strength – Red – For Empowerment, Strength, Power and Emotional Magick. (Works well with our Blood Moon Oil)

Protection – White – For Protection against spiritual and physical energies. (Works well with our Goddess Protection Oil)

Hex – Indigo – For bringing chaos and ruin to ones enemies (Works well with our Dark Mother Oil)

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Wealth, Love, Divinity, Strength, Protection, Hex

1 review for Ready Made Spell Candles

  1. Trudie

    I bought 2 of the love spell candles, was a little sceptical at first however after burning first candle I started noticing big changes in my love life!!!!!
    Also the candles r so beautiful and smell Devine!! Definitely will be ordering more

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