Sacred White Water for Spiritual Purification




Sacred White Water Bath Wash is an extremely powerful formula that purifies one’s spiritual self, strengthens connection to Spirit and increases magical potency.

Perfect for removing spellwork, negative energies and hexes, as well as a precursor to ancestor veneration, deity worship and ritual preparation.

Sacred White Water is brewed in small batches, with herbs like Rose, Sandalwood, Borage and Gardenia, then Prayed over continuously with La Vilokan (A prayer in Kreyol Ayisyen).

We advise using around 100ml per bath (a quarter of the bottle). Simply shake the bottle, add to your running bath water and recite La Vilokan (either in Kreyol or English- Shown below)
Or if you only have access to a showering facility, rinse the solution through your hair following the same process.

•La Vilokan Kreyol
O nou Papa Ginen an
Ak piti li yo
Kotè nou l’ale Lavilokan
Kotè nou syèl la, te la, bwa yo,
Dlo sale, dlo dous
E tout zanset nou yo.
Alada, Ayibobi lwa yo,
Savalou E.

•La Vilokan English
Our Father who is in Ginen
We are your children
The place we call La Vilokan
The place of Heaven, Earth and Forest
Where there is salt water and sweet water
With all our Ancestors,
And all the divine Lwa,
We salute you.


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