Saint Expedite Prayer Kit emergencies and rapid manifestation


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Saint Expedite is a powerful and efficacious Ally, famed amongst magical workers for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies.

Most commonly called upon for delivering fast money and bringing a swift end to lawsuits.

He can also be called upon to expedite the results of other magical work and prayed to for all manner of manifest results

Saint Expedite Altars should never be set up in a bedroom as his working will disturb your sleep pattern. Instead, we recommend placing the altar near the front or back door to your home (window sills work great too).

In this kit are;
Saint Expedite Prayer Card – to act as his vessel on the Altar and also supply you with a basic prayer to call upon him.
Saint Expedite Oil – An oil prayed over and charged with the energies of St Expedite.
Skeleton Key – A symbol of His way opening powers.
Stone Cross – A symbol of His faith.
Holy Water – A purifying blessed water.
A Gold and Silver Candle – Symbols of His miracles and intercession.

When working with Saint Expedite, it is customary to pay him with offerings of either cake, red wine, red roses or palm leaves; this payment should be made before and after he grants your requests.


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