Santa Muerte Fixed Candle For Miracles and Curses




This 7 day Fixed Candle is made to honour the Most Holy Death, La Santa Muerte.

Used to ask for Powerful Miracles or Curses.

The power of La Santa Muerte is a strong and fast working magic, best when dressed with 3 Kings Conjure Oil or  Tower of Destruction Conjure Oil

Santa Muerte – as cited by
Santisima Muerte, also known as Santa Muerte or Holy Death is a prominent spirit venerated in Mexican folk-Catholicism.
She is believed to be a modern form of the ancient Aztec death-goddess, and is sometimes said by contemporary practitioners to be the sister of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.
She may be called upon by hoodoo rootworkers who have been influenced by Latino spiritual workers, especially those from Mexico, where she is very popular among Spiritists or Espiritismos.
While she has always had a strong following, in recent years her worship has received public attention. Being the Lady of Death, there is no spirit more fair and accepting than she so she has become patron of a variety of people from taxi drivers and prostitutes, to those trying to avoid the law, like drug-dealers, and those who enforce the law, like police officers.
Many devotees of this folk saint recommend that she be called on in conjunction with a Catholic church saint for safety’s sake; Saint Cyprian, also known as San Cipriano, is a popular choice to accompany Santisima Muerte and calm her wild energies

Fixed Candles MUST BE dressed prior to use to activate it, we offer a dressing service for an additional £3 per candle.

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