Santa Muerte Blessed and Loaded Rosary


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The Santa Muerte Rosary, dedicated to the Holy Saint of Death, A Vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This 59-beaded Santa Muerte Rosary is designed to be used by devotees, following the 5 Mysteries;

1. Santa Muerte receives her Scythe, which she uses to cut the thread of life.
2. Santa Muerte receives her cloak, which she uses to protect the World and her devotees.
3. Santa Muerte receives the scales of Justice, which she uses to restore balance and peace to the World.
4. Santa Muerte places her feet on the Earth, so she may serve those who love her.
5. Santa Muerte receives the power to walk beyond the veil and back, to collect a soul when the fire of life has been extinguished.

Our Rosary beads are blessed on our Altar of Santa Muerte, and loaded (washed and anointed) with sacred herbs and oils.


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