Spirit Bottles for Conjuring, Cleansing and Worship




The Little Grey Witch Spirit Bottles are decorative and unique.
Each glass bottle is decorated by hand, then consecrated during a ritual performed individually per bottle.

If you wish for your bottle to have imagery of either a Saint, Spirit or Deity; please select the Bespoke Imagery option and email us detailing what you would like.

These Spirit Bottles can be used in a variety of different ways depending on the path that you follow and practice:

To Conjure a spirit using the bottle, cast a circle around it.
Within this circle include a handwritten copy of the sigil/name of the spirit you are wishing to summon.
Place appropriate offerings around the bottle to ease the spirit and comfort it.
Call out the appropriate Conjuring incantation.
Don’t forget to dismiss the spirit and close the circle properly before removing the bottle!

Kept on your Ancestral Altar these bottles can aid you in channelling the individual Ancestral spirits that visit.
Place any petitions you have for them inside the bottle respectfully; this will essentially place your petition in the hands of the spirits directly.

Using the bottle of the corresponding colour and/or image you can create a totem through which you can channel and communicate with your deity directly.
As with the Ancestral use you can also petition the deity directly by placing them inside.
Perfect for Altar dressing along with our Fixed Candles

To banish negative energies and/or spirits from your home, place 4 Quartz or Selenite pieces around the bottle and say
“All those that dwell in this place
Whose intentions are not for my highest good,
I command you now to enter this sacred vessel,
In the name of the Most High,
Obey this command”
Once spoken clearly you should feel the energy shift, if not repeat again.
Once the energies are trapped within the bottle cleanse them using your preferred method
(Our personal method is releasing the energy outside at Midday and allowing the sun to purge the bottle of the collected negativity)

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