Sweetening Honey Candle Ritual Kit


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Sweetening is the act of altering the way a person treats you, to make them sweeter and kinder.

Ambrosia is the food of the gods. One drop on the lips leaves a mortal in a trance, blinded by the light of heaven…with this ritual you will be Ambrosia in the minds of all who see you.

Made with a fusion or delicate florals and powerful herbs and roots.

This kit comes with 2 candles, anointing oil and Sweetening Powder to really seal the deal.

These kits can also be used with our 12″ Candles.

Ways to use:
Candle Ritual:
Write a petition to focus your intentions.
Anoint yourself and the candle with the oil.
Massage the Spelled Honey onto the candle.
Roll the Candle in the herbal powder.
Light the candle on top of your petition

Bathing Ritual:
Add to your bath the anointing.
Speak a prayer of intention over the running water.
Apply the Spelled Honey to your body before soaking in the water.


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